Under our guidance, we will design a plan with measurable and achievable goals and indicators, ensuring the desired results.

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Inbound marketing is the only marketing methodology that, by investing the same resources every month, makes it possible to achieve an increasing flow of visits, registrations, commercial opportunities and sales. It is carried out through the creation of specific content combined with the use of different marketing software, which allows lead nurturing strategies, lead scoring, content personalization, etc.).

All this allows the creation of a business generation machine that works in an automated way from the first time a user visits the website until this user becomes a customer by making a purchase. For the investment in inbound marketing services to be profitable, there must be a series of circumstances such as:

"Difficulty in generating demand."


Obtain a greater number of quality leads on a monthly basis, i.e., leads that match the buyer persona you want to attract and that, at the same time, are involved in a buying process.


Implementing a complete inbound marketing project helps generate demand and boost sales. A complete project includes the following phases and techniques:


  • Traffic attraction.
  • Traffic traction through PPC or other outbound techniques (if deemed necessary).
  • Inboundization℠ (in the case of having previous marketing assets).
  • Conversion.
  • Automatización del marketing de captación.
  • Inbound sales (in projects where sales forces are involved).
  • Benefits
  • An increasing flow of organic traffic month after month.
  • An increasing flow of organic records.
  • An immediate flow of records with payment origin.
  • An increasing flow of MQL (qualified marketing leads)
  • An increasing flow of SQL (qualified sales leads).
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