Through thousands of Mexican influencers we carry out digital marketing strategies, connecting and generating greater interaction between brands and their target audience, thus achieving persuasion, changing behavior and increasing the impact and reach of their campaigns.

We have the best content creators on the Internet:


Couple blogger vlogger and online influencer

They have between 1000 and 10000 followers.

They create content that their audience can relate to and find inspiration from, in a relatable way

They interact a lot with their followers, due to the fact that it is a much smaller and "manageable" number than in the case of a Mega Influencer.

They get a smaller number of Likes, Comments and Number of times the content is shared when compared to a Mega Influencer, but their influence is much more "palpable".


Social Media Influencer Recording Vlog

They have massive and highly diversified audiences (it is difficult to identify a specific segment among them).

They offer virtually immediate impact and high reach.

They are mistaken for 'celebrities' and user perception is less loyal to them.

Their high fees or cost limit their accessibility to large brands.


Influencers vlogging from home

These audiences are still segmented and easy to reach.

You maintain a certain level of exclusivity within a considerable audience, as they are not influencers who exploit their accounts excessively through collaborations with other brands.

Working with several mid-tier influencers will offer great possibilities to amplify your campaigns.

They still have affordable rates or costs for small and medium-sized brands.


Portrait of Asian Business woman with thumbs up like when recording video for social influence

They have large communities.

They offer great possibilities to increase the reach of your brand quickly.

Contribute to sales growth in the face of product campaigns.

They have a relatively high cost, depending on their profile.

  • Strategy:
    Based on the brand's objectives, the social networks where the best results can be obtained are determined and the creative concept is developed.
  • Selection:
    Identification of the influencers that best fit the campaign, across multiple themes and countries.
  • Management:
    All the campaign activation procedures: from the contact, to the shipment contracts and payments.
  • Control:
    Real-time control of multichannel publications and monitoring of KPISs through a dashboard.
  • Report:
    Access to results at all times, as well as a final qualitative campaign report with the ROI obtained.
Discussing marketing strategy

Some of the most effective actions performed by influencers:

Launching or recommendations
of the product.

Launching or recommendations
of a new brand.

Promote a specific
action of a brand.

Publicize an event and
be part of it.